WITH the warm weather as we continue into Summer, a warning has been issued about rogue traders taking advantage of the weather.

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Trading Standards team have issued a warning as every year, they receive an influx of calls relating to ‘traders’ calling to offer gardening, roofing and general building services.

This summer, they have already received multiple reports where residents have been talked into paying large sums of money for poor quality gardening work.


A way to spot a rogue trader is that they will usually start with a low price to increase the chance of people agreeing to the work, but then, they will increase the price without warning or explanation and pressure for the increased payment.

Trading Standards have offered the following advice:

• Stop and think before opening the door

• Never invite tradespeople/salespeople into your home

• If they claim to be representing an organisation, ask for their identification and close the door. Check it using the telephone directory or the organisation’s website, not the number on the card. Don’t worry about keeping the person waiting outside – a genuine official will not mind waiting

• Never purchase goods or services on the doorstep without consulting a friend or relative

• Don’t keep large sums of cash at home or let anyone know there is cash on the premises

• If you are not interested, tell them so firmly and close the door

Cllr Eluned Stenner, the council’s Cabinet Member for Public Protection said: “Although reports of people being duped by doorstep callers are, thankfully, relatively rare in our area, this doesn’t alter the fact that when it does occur it can be very worrying, especially for our more vulnerable residents. I would encourage people to take heed of our team’s advice and to be vigilant of individuals cold calling at residential properties”.

To report an issue to Caerphilly’s Trading Standards team call 01443 811300 or visit


Gwent Police can also be contacted on 101.