SPLASHTONBURY is taking over a theatre this weekend as part of Big Splash.

Big Splash is a free festival which will take over Newport on July 20 and July 21, with ‘Splashtonbury’ at Riverfront Theatre.

The venue will be choc-a-bloc with activities including soft play, arts & crafts for the under 5’s with Flying Start and Active Tots, workshops with Operasonic and fantastic live music out on the terrace on the Splashtonbury stage.

South Wales Argus:

(Romans by Mufti Games)

The front of the theatre will be taken over by Mufti Games and their new giant boardgame Romans!

Challenge your inner centurion, play 3000-year-old boardgames and strive for victory in a gladiatorial bout of rock-paper-scissors, which includes percussion, games and interactive storytelling.

South Wales Argus:

(Lucie Sheridan and her Rubbish Portrait Booth)

On Saturday 20, The Riverfront foyer will host Lucie Sheridan and her Rubbish Portrait Booth.

Sit in the booth for a maximum of four minutes and receive your very own limited edition signed painted portrait.

South Wales Argus:

(Dino Rovaretti and Mr Clark with The News)

On Sunday 21, you can enjoy a current affairs cabaret from Mr and Mrs Clark and Dino Rovaretti as they present The News.

The roving reporters will be seeking out stories to present in a way that will make you question whether you really want to know the truth.

South Wales Argus:

(Flossy and Boo)

Flossy and Boo will return to The Riverfront Gallery, with The Ramshackle’s Brilliant Adventure, a whirlwind theatre adventure following a family of misfits like no other.

They missed the talk on how to grow up, on how to sit still, or drink nicely from a cup.

Their adventures took them to faraway places, with tangled hair and grubby faces. A trip to Egypt, a picnic on the moon… digging to Australia with a small wooden spoon.

Splashtonbury will also be visited by roving acts before they head to the city centre.

South Wales Argus:

(Waggle Dance by Egg People)

Egg People bring a show that is sure to have everyone ‘buzzing’, Waggle Dance which follows a swarm of super friendly bees looking for a new home.

Plus there will be a fast change hula hoop show from Interstellar where Wonder Woman attempts to save the world from evil; and Taking Flight’s Anti Fun Ministry will be patrolling and identifying all subcategories of amusement and happiness to stamp out.

Deaf artist, Jonny Cotsen, will be there on Sunday 21 with ‘The Hearing Hearing Aid’ (HHA), which works with creative technology to create an empathetic new piece of work giving the user an opportunity to reflect on how they listen.

South Wales Argus:

(The Sparklettes)

The Sparklettes return with Sunday Service as The Sisters of Saint Sparkles’ call to prayer, smashes irreverence and fabulous into one almighty hula hooping church service.

This zone is sponsored by Western Power Distribution (WPD).

South Wales Argus:

(WPD's Karen Welch. Picture: Chris Tinsley)

WPD’s Karen Welch said: "We believe in playing an active role in the communities we serve.

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with Newport Live and have been involved with the festival for five years.

"The festival appeals to all ages and initiatives like these are a great way of bringing people together in a fun way within our communities, and we hope everyone will enjoy the festival and have a great time."

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