IT is nearly 50 years since man first landed on the moon.

Half a century on and many still doubt this historic event truly took place.

Our astronomer and Night Sky columnist, Jonathan Powell, has given his thoughts...

Did man land on the moon?

Despite overwhelming evidence that man did go to the moon, there are those that believe the lunar landings were an elaborately staged hoax, a grand piece of deception broadcast to 20 per cent of the world’s population, sat glued to their television sets.

I find it difficult to believe that we question the landings, even more so when there is talk in Trump administration about returning to the Moon to use it as a staging post for Mars.

Despite the various conspiracy theories Neil Armstrong did step down onto the lunar surface on July 21 1969 at 02:56:15 Universal Time, followed by Buzz Aldrin, with Michael Collins ‘minding the store’ in the lunar orbiter.

NASA achieved its goal, granted not ideally as a purely scientific experiment, but a genuine race to beat its Cold War enemies to another world.

So, how sure am I that they went?

More than 410,000 Americans, representing some 20,000 companies, worked on the Apollo missions. Just think of the thousands of relatives and friends involved with those people who worked not just on the Apollo project, but all the other NASA space programs like Mercury and Gemini, the predecessors to Apollo.


Surely, there would be more than just a handful of conspiracy theorists among them? And let us not forget the three deaths of the Apollo I astronauts.

The crew of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins, must feel wholeheartedly disappointed that people think differently about what they collectively achieved, and the training, sacrifice, and ultimate sheer courage that they all showed, let alone the massive risk they undertook.

Fred W. Haise was part of the back-up crew to fly Apollo II to the Moon, along with Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders. I met Fred and would feel thoroughly ashamed if I had challenged the legitimacy of his involvement in the Apollo missions.

Man went to the Moon, and man will return to the Moon, this time with Mars the goal!

South Wales Argus is asking for reader memories of the momentous occasion when man landed on the moon.

Did you watch the broadcast on television with pictures beamed live from the Moon, or were you huddled around a radio set?

Perhaps there were other events taking place in your life at the time.

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