THERE will be festival bliss at The Green Gathering, near Chepstow, from August 1 to August 4.

The festival is four days of low impact living, with an eco-friendly edge and every nook and corner bursting with creativity.

There will be intimate solar stages showcasing up-and-coming acts, returning festival favourites, DJs, poets, activists, storytellers, magicians, mystics and more.

Plus, The Green Gathering will host children’s activities, teen spaces, a stone circle, open mic spaces and dance workshops, complete with affordable bars and ethical eats.


Their packed programme boasts an enormous musical line-up, which includes Henge, Mobius Loop, Celtarabia, Dragonsfly, The Don Bradmans, Smiley and the Underclass, Guranfoe, FireFarm, Pattern Pusher, Mamatung and many more.

Along with live music, the festival will have the Raconteurs’ Deligh spoken word and cabaret stage, hosting Salena Godden, Johnny Fluffypunk, The Antipoet, Roxconcious, Gadael Tir, Kath Tait, Pete The Temp and Mal Webb, among others.

Recommended by parenting mag JUNO and by Festival Kidz, The Green Gathering is full of safe spaces and adventurous places for young people from tots to teens, with chances to explore, learn, play and perform.

There’s a large central Children’s Area, a space exclusively for teenagers, plus tons of family and child friendly activities all over the site.

The Craft Area, an island nestled in the trees, offers all the chance to learn traditional crafts.

Learn practical skills, such as blacksmithing, carpentry, wood and stone carving, copperwork, pottery, basketry, weaving, leatherwork, upcycling, drum making, felting and tool sharpening, taught by experienced artisans.

Gardeners, builders, chefs, artists, teachers and makers pitch in to create the beautiful, productive, caring and informative Permaculture Community.

Filled with tools for living sustainably, with hands-on experts demonstrating how to use resources wisely, there are multiple discussion and skill share spaces here.


The Healing Circle, on the edge of the camping fields, provides a tranquil space to relax and enjoy glorious views across the valley.

The circle has a garden at its centre, flanked by domes and yurts where Yoga, Chi Gung and Healing Arts workshops take place. Situated around the circle are tents belonging to healers, masseurs and complementary therapists.

The Campaigns Field is the centre of politics and protest at the Gathering – bringing together activists and academics and raising awareness around diverse social and environmental justice issues.

Every day is jam packed with discussions and workshops, with up to six sessions happening at once.

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which won the 2018 AGF (A Greener Festival) Greener Power Award

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