A 91-year-old man from Newport whose dishwasher burst into flames has appealed to the manufacturer to make others with similar models aware of the issue.

Albert Yates, who lives in the Alway area of the city, said that he had had the Candy dishwasher for a few years and had had no issue with the machine.

On Monday, July 8 he loaded the machine and set it to work as usual and was in the room next door when he said he smelt burning.


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“The whole kitchen was full of smoke,” he said.

“I got the hose from the garden and switched the machine off. Luckily it was then just smoking.

“With help I was able to get it outside the house.”

Mr Yates' wife passed away in April and he said that as he now lives alone the incident could have been much worse.

“If I’d not been in the next room and noticed the smell, or if I put it on late at night, the whole house would have gone up,” he said.

He got in contact with Hoover, the firm who own the Candy brand, to make them aware of the issue and to warn others who may have similar machines.

“The fire was on the Monday and they said come out to see the machine on the Wednesday (July 10),” he said.

“That was two weeks ago, and they’ve never come near here.”

A spokesperson for Hoover Candy Group said: “We received a call from the customer on July 8, 2019 and organised an inspection at 8.30am on July 10, 2019.

“When our engineer arrived there was no answer at the property or from a call to the landline.

“The engineer left a ‘while you were out’ card and records show that the customer has not been back in touch.

“Following an enquiry from the South Wales Argus, we re-contacted Mr Yates and have arranged for an engineer to revisit tomorrow (July 26).

“We take reports of appliance incidents very seriously and will undertake meticulous analysis to determine the cause.”