A Newport subway has been vandalised once again, just days after a fresh paint job covered up previous graffiti.

Devon Place subway has been subject to vandalism again, just days after old graffiti was covered by some fresh paintwork.

A spokesperson for Newport City Council said: "Newport City Council condemns the vandalism of the Devon Place subway shortly after it was repainted as part of our routine maintenance work programme.

"Anyone with information about who is responsible for this criminal damage is asked to contact Gwent Police."

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(Graffiti in Devon Place subway)


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(The untouched walls of the subway, no graffiti)

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(More graffiti in the subway)

There have been talk of plans for a new and ‘attractive’ footbridge to replace the subway in Newport and improve access to Newport railway station.

Although plans for the footbridge have been in the pipeline for years, with the scheme previously due to be completed by March 2017, it has been repeatedly delayed.

View the plans at Newport.gov.uk, searching reference 18/0657