A NEWPORT footwear company is cashing in on the hot weather - by selling bulk orders of slippers for overheated staff to wear while working.

After so many orders, Newport based Bedroom Athletics Ltd are now planning to launch an 'office summer slipper' into the footwear market, aimed at workers walking around their office and bothering colleagues with foul feet odours.

The slippers features breathable material designed to prevent unpleasant foot odour from circulating to co-workers desks, and discourages employees from walking around their workplace bare foot.

A supporting study of UK workers to coincide with the product launch revealed that ‘unpleasant body odour’, ‘foul language’ and ‘loud eaters’ are the most annoying habits a co-worker can demonstrate in the office.

The team polled over 2,000 UK office workers in a bid to uncover the most off-putting behaviours within a business environment, with the following traits in colleagues the most likely to cause issues:

1. Unpleasant body odours (armpits/feet etc) – 38 per cent.

2. Explicit/foul language – 33 per cent.

3. Loud chewing/eating – 19 per cent.

4. Overly chatty/loud talkers – 16 per cent.

5. Singing/humming to yourself - 8 per cent.

More than two fifths (42 per cent) admitted that a colleague’s personal habits had annoyed them to the point where they’d lodged a complaint with their line manager or human resources department, with 4 per cent admitting that it was the main reason they’d left a previous job role, and a further 7per cent currently debating their current role because of a certain co-worker.

Discussing the launch, Howard Wetter, Director of www.bedroomathletics.com, said: “We’ve seen the UK temperatures reach the low 30’s in recent weeks, and when you take into account that the majority of smaller UK offices are unlikely to have invested in pricey air conditioning, this makes for some sweaty and uncomfortable environments for workers, who are likely to do anything to try and stay cool during the peak sunshine hours.

“The results of our study, coupled with the fact that we’ve been approached by companies looking for solutions to deal with employees walking around offices barefoot, clearly shows that there is a demand for comfortable office footwear during the summer months. We hope that this range of Summer Office Slippers will help to make everyone a little more comfortable as we experience additional heatwaves.”

The slippers can be purchased at: