A BADGER had a lucky escape after being rescued from a military firing range.

The badger had fallen down a five-foot concrete pit at the Rogiet Moor Range in Caldicot on Tuesday, August 7.

South Wales Argus:

(The badger is resting down the bottom of a five-foot concrete pit, used for military fire)

The concrete pits are used by military personnel to fire from but luckily the range's warden sounded the alarm and contacted the RSPCA.


RSPCA Cymru attended and rescued the little badger, reaching him with a 'grasper'. Luckily the badger had no injuries and he was released safely back into the wild - a safe distance away from the range.

RSPCA animal collection officer Gary Lucas said: “This was a pretty unique rescue .

“Luckily, the animal was very co-operative and I was able to reach him with a grasper and bring him to safety.

“We’re really grateful to the range warden, who spotted the badger’s plight and got in touch. We're delighted with what turned out to be a very happy ending.

“The badger had no injuries and was absolutely fine, despite the ordeal. He was quickly returned to where he belongs – back in the wild.”