PERMANENT security arrangements are being introduced at a Newport City Council car park - just days after a protest saw caravans descend on it.

Romani Gypsies pitched up at the Civic Centre car park last week to protest against the local authority's demands for the group to remove a number of caravans from the Northern Hay Stables in Brickyard Lane, Newport.


Four barriers have now been placed around the entrance of the car park, appearing to prevent larger vehicles from entering.

A council spokeswoman said: "Following the unauthorised encampment in the Civic Centre car park, temporary security arrangements were put in place.

"Newport City Council was already considering permanent measures for the car park and this work is ongoing."


The cause of the one-day protest was the council saying that the Gypsy site has 10 caravans more than they should.

The original agreement with the council allowed eight caravans on site, but the Romani Gypsy group claim they told them a different number each time checks were carried out.

And now, the group are being being taken to court by the council, who have asked them to remedy the number of caravans on the site by January this year.

The hearing has since been adjourned from today to September 9.