THE weather has been a mixed bag of sunshine and rain recently, with the theme likely to continue throughout this week.

In Wales, the Met Office have predicted sunny spells and scattered showers throughout, but it is likely to turn drier and warmer – although remain cloudy – as the weekend approaches.

Today has been a bright start for the country, with some showers expected – particularly in the south – but likely to decrease throughout the day.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Met Office has predicted cloud and some rain in Wales despite it being bright throughout the week. They expect this will progressively turn drier and warmer with some sunshine on Friday.

The Gwent region follows this pattern, although Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent are expected to be cooler by a few degrees.


Today should be fairly sunny, reaching maximum temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius.

This sunshine is predicted to continue tomorrow (Tuesday), reaching a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius, although some cloud is expected around noon and light rain predicted from around 4pm.

Wednesday will be a cloudy start, with the sun coming out around 10am. There is a chance of light showers and cloudy intervals later in the day. Maximum temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius.

On Thursday, by contrast, the day is expected to start cloudy, changing to light showers by lunchtime which are likely to clear up in the evening. Again, maximum temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius.

The following three days will be cloudy, reaching maximum temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius on Friday and 21 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

On Sunday, sunny intervals are expected from around 1pm, with clouds resuming from around 4pm.