A GLOBAL search to find a lifesaving bone marrow match for a seven-year-old boy from Newport has potentially saved 23 lives in the last year.

The Marrow for Marley campaign, set up to find a bone marrow donor for then six-year-old Marley Nicholls, marked its first anniversary on August 17.

It was set up after Marley was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called aplastic anaemia in July last year.

The youngster desperately needs a bone marrow donor to save his life.

But, despite worldwide coverage and an extra 40,000 people signed up to the donor register, a match has yet to be found for Marley.

Speaking about the anniversary, and the impact the campaign has had so far, Marley's mum, Shaney Truman, said the were grateful for every single person who had helped them so far.

“In this last year we have signed up endless registrations to the bone marrow register," she said.

"Through this heart-breaking search for Marley an incredible 23 people who joined through the Marrow for Marley campaign have been matched.

“That’s 23 lives that have been given a second chance because of kind, selfless people who have a big enough heart to join the register and potentially save a life.

“We cannot express how thankful we are for every person who has joined to help.”

South Wales Argus:

(The Marrow for Marley campaign has found bone marrow matches for 23 people in its first year)

All his family members were tested, with his five-year-old brother George thought to be his best chance of a match.

But unfortunately none of his family were perfect matches.

South Wales Argus:

(Marley with dad Joe Nicholls at a previous swab event. Picture: www.christinsleyphotography.co.uk)


South Wales Argus:

(Marley on a trip to the beach on one of his good days)

Marley is undergoing a trial treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital with the hope of putting him in remission.

Ms Truman said: “Marley is still receiving treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital and although he is responding well.

"We desperately need that 10/10 match to save his life.

“Our hearts are aching knowing that we are still searching for his miracle match, the one who will give him his second chance. But we will keep going, keep looking anywhere and everywhere we can.

“We beg anyone aged between 17-55 to please register if you haven’t already done so. Ask your friends, family, workmates.

“You could be a walking lifesaver. You could be Marley’s Miracle.

“If anyone has any questions, they can send a message via the Facebook page Marrow for Marley. There is someone always there to answer”

South Wales Argus:

(Marley in hospital receiving a blood transfusion)

Support for the campaign has come from the likes of the Welsh football team, actor Michael Sheen and singer P!nk.

You can register through the below donor links.

For swab events near you, keep an eye on the Marrow for Marley Facebook Page