A HEROIN addict travelled from West Wales to Newport to stock up on the class A drug because it’s cheaper than buying it in his home town.

David Emery, 52, was arrested by plain clothed police after taking the train from Port Talbot to Newport.

Prosecutor Lowri Wynn Morgan told Cardiff Crown Court how officers saw the defendant acting suspiciously near Newport Central Police station.

Emery, of Rhodes Avenue, Aberavon, was on trial for possessing heroin with intent to supply, but was cleared of that charge by a jury.

They accepted his defence that the drugs he bought in Newport on Saturday, April 6, were for his own personal use.

He admitted simple possession of heroin and was jailed for 34 weeks by Judge Jeremy Jenkins after being acquitted of the drug dealing allegation.

Miss Wynn Morgan told the jury that the police officers who spotted Emery described him as being scruffy, dishevelled and bearing the hallmarks of a class A drug user.

He was pacing up and down and having short conversations on a mobile phone.

She said that believing a drug exchange was due to take place, they continued to observe him.

They watched as the defendant met another man and handed over cash. This other man was later arrested.

While being taken into custody, he was found to have heroin in his possession.

He told the officers he bought the heroin for £240 saved from his benefits and it would last him a month.

Emery told them he comes to Newport as drugs are cheaper there.