THE TINSHED Theatre Company is preparing to put on another spectacular show following last year’s production of Moby Dick on the Newport Transporter Bridge.

Their next production, Rocket Launch, will be based at Blaenavon Ironworks, and aims to link the story of the heritage and history of the Welsh Valleys with the ambition of space exploration.

Creative producer Georgina Harris said: “Following the success of Moby Dick on the Transporter Bridge, we are now in the early planning phases of our next ambitious production.

“Using the blueprint for Moby Dick, we want to combine theatre, community arts and heritage in order to tell a contemporary story of space exploration in Wales, linking it with the pride of the mining industry in Wales.

“Both of these themes explore the refined potential of human existence, whilst questioning a greater cost.


“Unlike with Moby Dick, where we were basing our production off a written piece of work, it will be adapted from the stories and experiences of the people in the community.

“A lot of people think if you do a production at a historical site, it will be a re-enactment, but for us it’s about here and now of the spaces, how the community sees them at the moment, and how they can be used in the future.

“It’s about the idea of aspiration – what does the community want for these sites – and linking that to the aspiration of space exploration.”

The company are currently fundraising for the project, which they hope will take place in October 2020.

South Wales Argus:

(Tin Shed Theatre's production of Moby Dick at Newport's Transporter Bridge. Picture: Fez Miah.)

They have already raised funds for one phase of research and development, and have linked up with community arts organisations in the town.

They worked closely with Cadw to find a site for the project, also looking at the Roman amphitheatre in Caerleon and Raglan Castle before deciding the Ironworks would be the best fit.

“When we saw the balance tower in the middle of the site, and after learning more about the history of it, it was the clear choice,” said Miss Harris. “The more we have explored the site, the more we can imagine using it in our production.

“We were also keen to work with the Workmen’s Hall in Blaenavon.”

South Wales Argus:

(The Blaenavon Ironworks illuminated at night. Picture: Tin Shed Theatre Company.)

Miss Harris said the company aims to introduce theatre to new audiences.

“As a company we are always looking for ways to upscale our work and productions,” she said. “We want to serve more audiences, create better employment opportunities and explore larger more potentially profound ideas that can reach further into Wales’ cultural consciousness.”

The company are now appealing for local residents who are interested in taking part in the production as volunteer performers and crew.

If you would like to get involved, email