THOUSANDS congregated in Merthyr Tydfil on the weekend to take part in a march advocating an independent Wales.

The march, which was organised by the Under One Banner (AUOB) Cymru group, attracted an estimated 6,000 people from across the whole of the country.

Among the crowds was the Yes Cymru Pont-y-Pwl group--a branch of the YesCymru organisation launched in 2014 to further the cause of Welsh independence.

South Wales Argus:

(Members of the Yes Cymru Pont-y-Pwl group.)

Member Jamie Hosking said: "There was about 6,000 people there marching for independence.


"We need to build a country that looks after the lowest of the low.

"We need to take everybody and treat them the same."

Speakers at the event included former footballer Neville Southall, former rugby player Eddie Butler, poet Patrick Jones and others.

The majority of polls conducted have found that Welsh independence is favoured by a minority. A BBC Wales poll, carried out six months ago, estimated seven per cent favoured separation.