A FIRE swept through hedgerows in Bassaleg last night, with residents suspicious the blaze was started deliberately.

The fire started among hedges, bordering Cwm Cwddy Drive and Pant Glas Court, at around 1.50am today (Wednesday, September 11).

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) crews from Duffryn attended the scene and extinguished the fire by around 2.35am, a spokeswoman for the service said in a statement.

"It looks as though the hedge has been set on fire in at least three separate places – there’s no way that this was an accident," one witness said. "It’s pure luck that nobody got hurt."

The SWFRS spokeswoman said that, presently, the supposed cause of the fire "would be deliberate".

The homeowner whose property was targeted said she was "really upset" over the "horrific" experience.

"People just don't know what they're doing," she said.


Speaking to the Argus on Wednesday afternoon, a local man said this wasn't the first time conifer hedges had been set on fire in the Bassaleg and Rhiwderin area recently.

The Argus contacted Gwent Police regarding the incident, and asked whether it was being linked with any other recent hedge fires in the area.