A VOLUNTEER who devotes her life to helping the homeless across Gwent now needs help to be able to afford a mobility scooter.

Chris Allen, 63, founded the Cover and Care group, which provides help and support to homeless people in Cwmbran and Newport.

The group organises weekly visits under the flyover on the A4042, near Newport Castle to give out donations.

However, Ms Allen struggles to with her mobility, which has limited how much she can contribute.

“I have problems with my mobility, so I am restricted in what I can do," said Ms Allen. “I usually organise what we are doing, and get donations in, and then just hand out the donation bags we put together.

“Thy have things like packs of wet wipes, bottles of water, and anything that has been donated.


“I have problems with my heart and I have asthma, but there are a lot of people who are worse off than me.

“I could moan about my situation, or I could do something to help them.”

The Cover and Care group collect donations of food, blankets, clothing, and toiletries for homeless people across Gwent.

“The group started off with three of us,” said Ms Allen. “About two years ago we heard about a young man who had frozen to death in a doorway.

“I got a few of my friends together, and we all said that sort of thing shouldn’t be happening.

“There’s 14 of us now who help out.

“We go down to the underground car park opposite the market in Newport. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, we are always there every Friday.”

A fundraising page with a target of £1,000 has been set up to raise money for Ms Allen's scooter.

It was started by another member of the Cover and Care group, Trish Cox.

Mrs Cox said: “Chris is a really kind, giving woman who is in a lot of pain and she still does all she can to help others.

“She is always thinking about how she can help other people, now it’s time someone did something for her.”

Ms Allen was shocked when she was told the fundraiser had been set up, and said it would make a huge difference in her life.

“When Trish told me what she was doing, I was taken aback,” she said. “It would make a hell of a difference.”

To find out more, or to donate, visit gofundme.com/f/p8qcta-mobility-scooter