A PROGRAMME aimed at encouraging girls to get into football is starting this week at four locations across Gwent.

The FAW Trust’s Huddle programme lasts 10 to 12-weeks, and is for girls aged between five and 12.

Katy Evans, the FAW Trust's football development manager for girls participation, said: "We know there is huge demand from girls in schools to play football but that isn't reflected in the numbers of girls going along to a club.

"We've got some really ambitious targets because we want to see every girl in Wales having the opportunity to try out the game.


"We see lots of girls coming along and feeling quite shy. Some of them still see football as very much a boys' game, but once they’ve had a taste of Huddle they soon realise it’s a game for everyone.

"Huddle bridges the gap between feeling unsure about playing and joining a club. It focusses on girls being able to play skill games in a fun environment with their friends."

South Wales Argus:

(The FAW Trust's Huddle programme looks to encourage more girls to join football teams across Wales. Picture: FAW Trust.)

There are around 800 girls playing in the South Wales Women and Girls League as part of a girls team - with a further 323 girls playing in boys leagues in Gwent.

The FAW Trust are hoping to get more girls playing football, and have set a target of 20,000 registered female players across Wales by 2024.

There are 25 girls clubs in Gwent, and the the first phase of Huddle hubs and which clubs have expressed interest in growing the girls’ game.

The Huddle programme will take place at Llanyrafon Ladies Girls Football Club, Undy AFC, Caerleon Girls FC and RTB Ebbw Vale FC.

South Wales Argus:

(The FAW Trust's Huddle programme looks to encourage girls aged five to 12 to start playing football. Picture: FAW Trust.)

These clubs will receive a grant, which can be spent on kit, promotion or facility hire. They receive specialised Huddle training and will get a speaker to install at their grounds, as well as Huddle flags and banners to help promote the sessions.

Following the course, the Huddle coordinator will help point girls to where they can join their local club. Others players can stay in Huddle for a longer period of time.

Visit fawtrust.cymru/grassroots/girlsfootball/huddle to find out details on the sessions, and to sign up.