THE campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit came to Newport last night with its message of giving the electorate of the UK another say on whether to leave or stay in the European Union.

Around 350 people attended the event at The Neon, where speakers from a range of political backgrounds came together under the People’s Vote banner.

Rallies have been held across the UK during the past three months, and a major gathering is being planned for London on October 19.

Events such as these are essentially exercises in preaching to the converted - pro-Brexit rallies are just as partisan - but they do serve to fire up those who are behind the cause.

Those who took to the stage included Pontypridd MP Owen Smith (Labour), Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM, Guto Bebb MP (independent, but until recently, Conservative), Anna Soubry MP (Change UK, formerly Conservative), and Amelia Womack, from Newport, the deputy leader of the Green Party.

Unsurprisingly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the target of most speakers’ anger, with the prorogation of Parliament roundly condemned from the stage and the auditorium.

The emphasis was on the need for a People’s Vote before a General Election, a common feeling being that the latter will not solve the Brexit issue.

“A General Election will not end the chaos,” said Mr Price, who stressed a need for putting common interests above party interests.

“The way to do that is to get behind the message for a People’s Vote.”

Ms Soubry believes the argument for this is being won “slowly but surely”, with more and more people beginning to understand what is at stake.