THE FAMILY of Jeremy Adams - who made national headlines earlier this year after installing a huge plastic dinosaur in his front garden - have paid tribute to a caring family man with a love of animals and a passion for motorbikes.

Mr Adams died last Thursday, August 29, aged 58, at the Royal Gwent Hospital following a heart attack.

He came under the media spotlight last March, after buying a 15ft Allosaurus at a charity auction from Dan-yr-Ogof Caves and putting it up in his garden.

The creature, christened Alun by Mr Adams' grandchildren, soon became a tourist attraction, and Mr Adams even toured around with the Allosaurus to raise money for JDRF, the type one diabetes charity.

Mr Adam’s daughter Samantha paid tribute to her dad, describing him as a "good guy" with "big heart".


“He was always such a character,” she said. “He had a big heart.

“He was always very welcoming. Growing up, if he came home and we had friends over, he wouldn’t say they had to go, he would just set up another plate for dinner.

“He showed us what a dad should be like. It’s amazing to see how much of a positive impact he’s had on the people who knew him.

“There’s so much that he did around the community. He was a good guy.

"He taught us to help people and not to judge, and was always there for you if you needed it.

South Wales Argus:

(Jeremy Adams outdoors with his family. Picture: Samantha Adams.)

"There’s been lots of kids over the years who have just known him as ‘Uncle Jerry’. There’s so many who he has looked after when they’ve had hard times.”

Family was a big part of Mr Adams' life, and he loved to organise family events for his five daughters and his grandchildren.

“He always said he wanted a big family and wanted to live on a farm with mum and to ride his motorbikes,” said Miss Adams.

“Dad loved family parties. My nephew Dylan wanted a party for his birthday, so dad said he would throw a party at the village hall.

South Wales Argus:

(Jeremy Adams with his wife Lesley. Picture: Samantha Adams.)

“When he went there, the grass was a bit long there, but he said not to worry as he would go and get his lawnmower.

"He built lots of games and activities, including a giant electric buzzer and an assault course using scaffolding boards and hay bales.

“He said the kids shouldn’t have to pay for burgers or sweets, so he had the idea of creating Dylan Dollars, which they could earn by playing on all of the activities.

“People were walking past and thinking it was a carnival, and when they asked him, he’d tell them it was his grandson’s party and would invite them in.”

South Wales Argus:

Jeremy Adams next to the 15-foot Allosaurus

Miss Adams spoke of her dad’s excitement about getting the dinosaur for his grandson Tom.

“They had one of the Newport Dragons’ dragons on the porch, and it had to go back, but my nephew Tom wanted to keep it,” she said.

“Dad saw the dinosaur on TV, and decided he would bid for it.

“My mum got up and saw a 15ft dinosaur outside she said to dad ‘What have you done?’

“He was so excited to get it. He was like a kid at Christmas. He said: ‘You didn’t say how big the dinosaur had to be, just that we could get it.’”

South Wales Argus:

Jeremy Adams fostered dogs through the Pack Project. Picture: Samantha Adams

Miss Adams said she got her love for animals from her dad, who would foster dogs through The Pack Project.

She said: “Dad was fostering two dogs, Merlin and Bear, at the time he died. They were so skinny when they came to him, but now they are huge. He really loved them.

“Every dog he fostered he would say he wanted to keep them."

South Wales Argus:

Jeremy Adams had a passion for motorbikes Picture: Samantha Adams.

Mr Adams also had a passion for motorbikes which he was keen to share with his family.

"He gave me my love for animals and the outdoors and for biking," said Miss Adams.

“A lot of families are brought up on football or rugby, but we were brought up on motorbikes.

“He used to race before we were born. He raced all over Europe. He said he had been pretty good, but he stopped as he wanted a family with mum."

Mr Adams' funeral is taking place on Wednesday September 25 at St David’s Catholic Church, Avondale Road,Cwmbran, at 2pm. The family are expecting a number of bikers to attend the funeral, so have asked nearby residents to give them space.