A YEAR ago, Julie Powell's life was increasingly being ruled by back, knee and foot pain, as she struggled to manage her weight.

At just under 19 stone, she was the heaviest she had ever been, but became determined to address the problems she was having with pain, and decided to lose weight.

Now, after losing five-and-a-half stones, the 53-year-old, from Blaenavon, has been awarded free lifetime membership at Slimming World for her efforts.

“Week by week I started losing weight, and never ever ate so much food, but this time all the right foods," said Miss Powell.

She added that she had tried to lose weight a few years ago, but had not fully committed to it.

She joined Slimming World’s Blaenavon group in September 2018, when she was "the heaviest weight I had ever been".

"But that made me more determined than ever to lose it,” she said.


“I cook more now than ever before and have fallen in love with batch cooking almost everything to ensure I always have something quick and easy to hand after a busy day.

“My favourite meals are curries, spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, but mainly fish, all kinds of fish.

“I’ve met so many lovely people at class all an inspiration in their own way, sharing ideas and recipes every week and keeping each other motivated and on track.

“Finally this week after nearly a year I’ve lost five stone six pounds, and so proud of myself for achieving my goal.

South Wales Argus:

Julie Powell has lost five stone six pounds in just under a year. Picture: Slimming World.

“Our Slimming World consultant Nicole is amazing, so supportive and encouraging every week, because she’s been on the same journey herself.

“I’ve had so much support from my partner and my mum and daughters.

“Having support at home has been key to my success.”

Miss Powell has now hit her target weight of 12-and-a-half stone. Her next goal is to keep going to class to maintain her total weight loss and target weight, and to inspire others.

She attends the Monday night group in Moriah Chapel in Blaenavon. The sessions are at 5pm or 7pm with Nicole. For more information, call 07415 508143.