FLY-TIPPERS are ruining what should be the scenic landscape of a hill overlooking Ebbw Vale, with the site dubbed an "easy target" for those intent on dumping rubbish.

Y Domen Fawr, which dominates the skyline south of garden City, Ebbw Vale, has become a hotspot for fly-tipping, says an Ebbw Vale man who took these shocking photographs of dumped rubbish, some of which had been set on fire.

Waste such as hardware, old beds, clothing, and even a kitchen sink, has been dumped not far from a 'no fly-tipping' sign.

Kristian Wilkes, 33, from Hilltop, Ebbw Vale, came across the dumped material while walking the Manmoel Road which crosses Y Domen Fawr.

“I was angry more than anything,” he said.

“It’s lovely up there and great for walks, and now it’s just ruined.

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The 'No Fly-tipping' sign on Y Domen Fawr, Photographs below, taken by Kristian Wilkes, show how the area is being ruined by fly-tippers

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“It’s an easy target as they can drive over, dump what they have with very little chance of being caught, and I’m assuming most of this is done in the night so again, it’s a lot easier.”

Less than a mile away from where the rubbish is being dumped is one of the waste disposal sites for Ebbw Vale, New Vale Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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“It’s just pure laziness,” said Mr Wilkes.

“It’s always been a hotspot for fly-tippers but the past few weeks have been terrible.”

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Mr Wilkes believes that more needs to be done in the area to prevent people from leaving their rubbish.

“I don’t think the signs they have up are taken seriously, and completely ignored, obviously,” he said.

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“I think the only way they will stop is by having manned patrols at the site or CCTV until someone is caught up there doing it and punished for it.”

A Blaenau Gwent county borough council spokesman said: “Fly-tipping is an anti-social and dangerous problem which costs the council thousands of pounds every year to clear away.

“It is unsightly and pollutes our environment. There is no excuse for knowingly fly-tipping or dumping rubbish. The council will fully investigate all complaints and also uses CCTV surveillance to proactively target fly-tippers.

“All complaints about fly-tipping made to environmental health will result in a formal investigation by a fully trained, experienced enforcement officer and if we find sufficient evidence to enable a prosecution, we pursue one.

“If material is tipped on private land, the council works with the landowner to clear the waste and take steps to minimise further incidents.”