UK ARMED Forces veterans aged 60 or over who were serving at any time from 1975 are being urged to ask about their eligibility for a military pension as part of a new campaign by Age Cymru.

Research undertaken by Age Cymru’s Project 360 team suggests that there are many veterans in Wales who are not claiming an Armed Forces pension to which they are entitled – money that could help transform their lives and enable them to live a life of quality rather than having to constantly worry about paying their bills.

The charity surveyed more than 300 veterans during spring time this year, and found that nearly one in five (17 per cent) of older veterans who are potentially eligible for an armed forces pensions are not accessing it.

The campaign will also urge those veterans who believe they may have an injury or illness which was caused or made worse by the result of service, and arose before April 5, 2005, to get in touch to see if they are eligible for financial support through a War Pension.

Age Cymru’s Project 360 manager, Heather Ferguson said: “Pensions are going unclaimed by veterans each year – money that rightfully belongs to those who have served their country and which could help transform their lives.

“I would urge any veteran aged 60 or over and who were serving anytime from 1975 to call the Veteran Welfare Service to find out if they are eligible.

“We know through our work with veterans that many of them are proud people who may not like making claims. But eligible veterans have already paid into a pension scheme, so it is therefore rightfully theirs to claim.

“This additional income could help transform their lives from one of making do to one full of meaningful activities and opportunities.”

For more information about the Armed Forces Pension Scheme call 0800 0853600, and for War Disability Pensions call 0808 1914218. Further information and for down loading claim forms visit:

For information on the campaign and Project 360° please contact 02920 431555 or