A 10-YEAR-OLD from Cwmbran is using his love of archery to help manage his diabetes, and is even set to start competing less than a year after first picking up a bow.

Theo Williams was diagnosed with Type One diabetes when he was two-years-old, and having to constantly manage his blood sugar levels left him unable to take part in more active sports.

His dad, Kevin Williams, bought him an off-road bike, but after not getting along with that Theo discovered his love of archery from family friend David Porter.


Mr Porter took him to Wye Valley Archery Club, where the youngster learnt how to shoot, and is now about to enter his first competition.

“When he saw David’s bow he took an interest in it,” said Mr Williams. “David offered to take him down to the archery club. It just progressed from there.

“He loves it. It’s something he looks forward to doing every week.

“It’s his little break from life.

South Wales Argus:

(10-year-old Theo Williams shooting at Wye Valley Archery Club. Picture: Kevin Williams.)

“All the boys down there treat him like a son and a best mate. The way the club have taken him in and looked after him, I couldn’t be more grateful.

“The archery really helps him with his diabetes as it is really disciplined. He looks after himself and he knows when his highs and lows are.

“He’s been diabetic since he was two years and two weeks old. His younger brother Sebastian, who’s seven, was also diagnosed with Type One diabetes when he was two years old.

"We try not to hold them back with what they can and can’t do. It doesn’t matter if they are diabetic, they can overcome anything.”

South Wales Argus:

(Theo Williams shooting at Wye Valley Archery Club. Picture: Kevin Williams.)

Mr Porter said Theo was first allowed to take up the sport as long as he learnt to manage his blood sugar levels.

He said: “The deal with his parents was he had to learn how to control his blood sugar levels if he would continue to shoot.

“His first competition is coming up in two weeks at Thornbury, near Bristol. It’s a long day, from 9am until 7pm.

“It’s more about just giving him the experience before he goes on to bigger competitions.

South Wales Argus:

(Theo Williams with the Wye Valley Archery Club. Picture: Kevin Williams.)

“The course he shoots is a two-mile walk. It’s quite a hard course and it’s quite physical. He’s currently shooting off blue markers, which are quite a distance back.

“He’s been doing really well.

“The way he handles himself is brilliant. A lot of kids will mess around at the club, but he keeps his concentration throughout.”

Lee Palmer, owner of Wye Valley Archery Club, said: “He’s an awesome shot. For the amount of time he has been shooting, it’s amazing.

“Archery is a low impact sport so he is able to manage himself.”