CONCERNS have been raised that the brakes have been put on planned improvements to disabled access at Abergavenny Train Station.

Transport for Wales had promised a series of improvements at the station, including the creation of a new footbridge with step-free access.

However, the most recent update from Network Rail suggests there been a halt in the project’s progress.

“The primary issue with the previously developed design was the sighting to the signal at the southern end of the island platform,” the update reads.


“In the first instance therefore, we will review the signalling options to address that issue and avoid re-working as far as possible the previous design.”

In a North Monmouthshire area committee meeting on Wednesday, councillors raised concerns over a signal problem.

Cllr Grahame Nelmes said: “I think the suggestion that Network Rail is no further forward with the question of the signal problem we had the last time is an issue.

“It really needs to be sorted and we need a definitive answer from Network Rail.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “The Department for Transport have committed ‘Access for All’ funding to improve disabled access at a number of railway stations in Wales by 2024, which includes Abergavenny.

“This will be match-funded by our partners at Transport for Wales.

“To achieve a better design to meet the needs of all station visitors, we will proactively engage local stakeholders and access groups, including the local authority.”

TfW has committed to spending £15 million on making Welsh stations, including Abergavenny, more accessible.

A TfW spokesman said: “Transport for Wales is implementing a £5 billion investment programme that will transform the transport sector across Wales.

“This includes £194 million into station improvements, including a £15 million fund to make stations more accessible for our customers.

“Several railway stations across our network, including Abergavenny, will receive Access for All funding through UK Government and Transport for Wales will provide match-funding for these projects.

“We look forward to working with our partners at Network Rail to deliver the new footbridge in Abergavenny by 2024, which will provide step-free access for customers at the station.

“This follows Network Rail’s successful completion of the refurbishment and repair of the existing footbridge in July.”