ONE of Newport's oldest transport cafes, trading for 45 years, hosted a grand re-opening after two city businessmen saved it from closing permanently.

Karl O'Dare and Darra O'Flaherty stepped in to buy the Rest Bite Cafe earlier this month. Newport's mayor, Cllr William Routley, cut a ceremonial ribbon outside the premises, on Lower Dock Street.

"We had a chat and decided to save the cafe – with the amount of people who use it, and it's been there for so long, it would have been a shame [for it to close]," Mr O'Flaherty, of Redlands estate agents, said. "I'm from Pill as well, so I wanted to keep this small business going."


Mr O'Dare, of Everything Lettings, said there had been a "fantastic response" to news the cafe would keep trading.

"We've had lots of people coming in from all over Newport, and because lots of people go to the Passport Office across the road, they'll come here afterwards and remember Newport as a great place," Mr O'Dare said.

The cafe has a homely, traditional feel, and photographs of the city's landmarks adorning the cafe's walls embody the theme of 'Newport's people and places'.

After cutting the ribbon, Cllr Routley enjoyed a brunch and a chat with the cafe's other customers.

He praised Mr O'Dare and Mr O'Flaherty for keeping the cafe open, saying: "This is the spirit I want to see throughout Newport."

And giving his review of the brunch, the mayor said: "It was outstanding. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger – 'I'll be back.'"