SHOCKING footage showing drivers “recklessly” speeding up and down a supermarket car park in Newport has been slammed by local residents.

Groups of youths have been persistently speeding in the Tesco car park in Spytty for the last two months.

And angry residents are now demanding immediate action to halt them from using the site as a "race track".

A Bassaleg woman, who did not want to be named, said: “Myself and my partner had been to Gemelli's.

“When we came out at 9.30pm we were horrified to see the air thick with smog.

“There were 10 cars racing up and down the lanes of the car park.

“The noise was terrifying. Engines racing and tyres screeching constantly.

“Large groups of men were stood watching them. They were using at least half of the car park.

“It is infuriating and disgusting behaviour. I feel sorry for the local residents.”

She added: "Something needs to be put into place to stop the problem."


Another anonymous resident added: “It is disgusting. They drive so recklessly and are using the car park as a race track.

“They need to be told to stop before someone is seriously hurt. Hopefully police and Tesco can do something about it."

Responding to residents’ concerns, a Tesco spokesman said the supermarket was currently exploring measures to counter the problem.

He said: “We are concerned at the anti-social behaviour of groups of motorists who have been congregating in the car park of our Spytty Extra store.

"This behaviour is a problem across the Spytty area and we have been working closely with Gwent Police and the anti-social behaviour team from Newport council to tackle the issue.

"We are currently looking at what additional measures we can put in place.”

And sergeant Christopher Back, of Gwent Police, said: “We have recently held multi-agency meetings and problem solving groups regarding this issue. The previous issue of boy racers on a Sunday evening has dramatically improved due to measures that have been put in place.

"We have now seen that the issue has now shifted to other days of the week, primarily a Friday and Saturday evening – as a result, we will again be working with Tesco to find a solution to ensure shoppers can visit and safely use the car park provided by Tesco.

“Any motorist found driving their vehicle in an erratic or dangerous manner will be prosecuted and we are currently following up on several lines of enquiry following a recent meet at the location where donuts were being performed by drivers. This dangerous driving will not be tolerated and the drivers of these vehicles will be hearing from us soon.”