FRANK Sanazi, an unnerving mix of the singing legend Frank Sinatra and the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler, pokes fun at history’s most famous German dictator through a mixture of puns, slapstick and musical numbers - as well as mocking recent dictatorships.

He brings new order and discipline to the usually more relaxed swing scene and has now enlisted the help of his elite crooning war buddies, Dean Stalin and Saddami Davis Junior, to tour his comedy war machine and bring swinging cabaret mayhem to the masses.

He’s pushing for world domination through comedy songs they call ‘extreme renditions’ like Mein Way, I’m Stalin and You’ve Got Me Under Berlin.


Featuring all the fun and charm of a Vegas show with a twist, you can fully expect an explosive evening. If you’re sensibilities can handle the wrongness, Frank will show you the rightness.

Deadline News said: “If the show's title wasn’t enough to warn you, be prepared to hear politically incorrect humour and the sound of taboos being smashed. But enjoy it and embrace it, it’s just a joke after all. Heil Senazi!”

Frank has performed all around the world, from Australia and Switzerland to Israel, including a return visit and performances in Austria and Berlin. A firm favourite at festivals, Frank performs regularly at Glastonbury and Bestival, as well as the Fringe festivals in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Galway and Brighton where his shows have been highly acclaimed.

Frank Sanazi and the Iraq Pack will be at Bar Amber, Newport, on Wednesday, October 9, at 7.30pm.

Tickets available at