VISITORS to an area of Chepstow have been bemused to find home-made 'parking fine' warnings left on their windscreens.

The vigilante traffic warden has been leaving notices informing drivers who park in Deans Hill that "the fine is £50 and police advised".

Monmouthshire County Council confirmed there was a Prohibition of Driving traffic regulation order on Deans Hill and nearby Danes Close, but one driver who received a home-made 'ticket' said there were no obvious signs telling people not to park in those streets.


Philip Moseley said he had been visiting friends for no more than an hour and a half when he returned to his vehicle and found what he thought was a flyer on his windscreen.

"There are a lot of annoyed people about this," he said. "If there is an order, there are no signs up. It's a bit of an odd one."

"They were on quite a few cars – it's ridiculous."

Mr Moseley said he sympathised with residents who had little space to park during busy times like the school run, but added he was concerned about the idea of somebody "taking justice into their own hands".

A Gwent Police spokeswoman said the force was not aware, and did not endorse, the fine warnings placed on drivers' windscreens.

"Gwent Police would encourage all drivers to park safely and legally, especially taking note of residential parking bays," she said. "Please take care to not block residents driveways or access."