Here's the latest Argus column by South Wales East AM Mark Reckless:

EVEN as we approach October 31, it is still unclear whether we will leave the European Union on that date.

Boris Johnson has enjoyed a substantial bounce in the polls since becoming prime minister on the promise that he will take us out, deal or no deal, do or die.

The Benn Act, which the prime minister has rightly described as a "Surrender Act", seeks to compel the prime minister to request an extension of Article 50 and accept whatever conditions the EU might wish to impose.


The Act, passed in contravention of Parliament’s Standing Orders, which has brought our fragile constitution to the brink of ruin, might have sufficient holes in it for the prime minister to exploit in order to leave on Hallowe'en, according to Number 10.

However, with the Supreme Court ruling unanimously that the prorogation never really happened, I am sceptical that if there will be sufficient ways around the Act to pass muster with the crown.

If there were, democracy-blocking MPs would be in Parliament now, tearing down yet more of our precedents with the help of their partisan speaker in order to overturn the will of the 17.4 million.

So if we take the view which everyone other than the Number 10 staffers take, and assume that the Benn/Surrender Act is watertight enough to force the prime minister to request an extension, where does that leave him?

He was elected by Conservative Party members on the basis that he would leave on Hallowe'en, no matter what the circumstances.

He has, like his predecessor Theresa May, said this countless times.

If he cannot achieve that, must he not resign?

The only other option left for the prime minister, if he does not extend or resign, may be to sign up to a new European treaty.

He may have requested some EU concessions on the backstop, but under a reheated version of Theresa May’s deal, we could still have no control of our fishing waters and would still have to pay the EU £39 billion for the privilege of leaving.

If Boris tries to save his premiership by implementing anything like Theresa May’s deal, people will lose the faith they currently have in him, and his party will likely lose the next election.

Unless Boris commits to a clean break Brexit this month, we may find ourselves governed by Jeremy Corbyn.

It really is do or die.