TORFAEN MP Nick Thomas-Symonds, has handed in a petition of hundreds of signatures to the prime minister on the issue of the removal of free TV licences for over-75s.

Mr Thomas-Symonds has been collecting the signatures in recent weeks, and said he has been delighted with the widespread support he has received for his campaign, calling for free licences for over-75s to be restored.

The Labour MP said: “The Tories have broken their promise to protect older people.


"Not only have they slashed funding for adult social care services, plunging countless older people into loneliness, but now they’re also stripping over-75s of their free TV licences.

"Whilst collecting these signatures I was told about the enormous impact that this will have on those who currently receive a free tv licence, with it being a lifeline for older people.

“Taking the licence away is an act of cruelty and I believe that older people deserve fairer treatment than this, and will oppose any cuts to universal pensioner benefits.

"Rather than try to hide behind the BBC, Boris Johnson should step in and provide funding so that the free TV licences for the over-75s can continue.”