A SECURITY guard told a court how she heard a learner driver accused of the manslaughter of a deaf shopper at a Sainsbury’s car park say: “I’ve killed him, haven’t I?”

Witness Nicola Williams said in evidence that Timothy Higgins make the remark after the death of Christopher Gadd at the Pontllanfraith store in March.

He is on trial over the alleged manslaughter of the 48-year-old by deliberately swerving a Land Rover Freelander 4x4 into him following a row in the car park.


The farm worker suffered a “significant” head injury and died moments after the collision on the afternoon of March 4.

Higgins, aged 22, formerly of The Glade, Wyllie, Blackwood, denies manslaughter.

A security guard at Sainsbury’s in Pontllanfraith, Nicola Williams, said in evidence at Cardiff Crown Court that she had heard the defendant say: “I’ve killed him, haven’t I?”

In cross-examination, Paul Lewis QC, for Higgins, said: “You have never said that before, have you?”

The witness replied: “Yes. Or words similar to that.” Mr Lewis said to her: “Words may be important, you see.”

The court heard she said in her police statement, made the day after the alleged killing, that she had heard Higgins say: “My life is over.”

Mr Lewis suggested her account from March 5 may be more accurate than her version seven months on.

Miss Williams said she also heard the defendant’s partner, Nia Bailey, say to the defendant: “What the **** did you do that for?”

Mr Lewis put it to her: “I am going to suggest she did not say those things. She said something like: ‘What happened?’ Or: ‘What went on?’”

Miss Williams replied: “No, she definitely said: ‘What the **** did you do that for?’ He was walking around. It was chaos. I remember that.”

Mr Lewis asked: “Did the man say anything to that?” The witness said: “I don’t think so.”

Prosecutor Owen Williams told jurors on the opening day of the trial: “Mr Gadd was with his brother Paul in a silver Volkswagen Passat – they were going to do some shopping.

“Paul Gadd, who was driving, positioned the car so that the defendant was unable to reverse out of the spot where he was parked.

“Mr Higgins became annoyed, they gestured at each other. The V-sign was used.

“Christopher Gadd got out of the vehicle and shouted at the defendant.”


Mr Williams said Higgins drove away with his girlfriend Miss Bailey in the passenger seat and that Gadd walked across car park carriageways to “continue remonstrating” with the defendant.

He told jurors: “As he approached Mr Higgins’ car, he deliberately swerved the motor vehicle to the right in order to drive at Christopher Gadd.

“As a result, the Land Rover Freelander collided with Mr Gadd in a glancing blow.

“Despite the best efforts of members of the public, members of staff at the supermarket, police and paramedics, he lost his life at 4pm that afternoon.”

The court heard window how Higgins only had a provisional license at the time and was uninsured to drive the Freelander.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and denies causing the death of Mr Gadd while driving without insurance and otherwise than in accordance with a licence.