A 10-YEAR-OLD from Cwmbran has organised a shoebox collection to help the homeless.

Owen Legge was inspired to take action after seeing homeless people on the streets of Newport.

After speaking with Cllr Sue Malson, line manager for Trac2, a Trevethin-based charity helping the most vulnerable people in the borough, to find out what items he would need to collect, Owen put posters up around the community and set up a Facebook page calling for donations.

He has also been helped at school, with a number of teachers sharing his posts, while neighbours have donated blankets, knitted hats and scarves, and others have handed over tinned food and toiletries.


"I'm doing this as homeless people do not have much stuff and I thought it would be nice to collect things in shoeboxes and give them to Trac2 so they can give them to the homeless," he said.

"I heard about some people in school who were doing the same thing, and I wanted to try to do something like that on my own.

"I felt nervous when I started - I haven't done anything like this before and I thought people might not take any notice as it's just me collecting things. But I was excited too, as I thought it is a really good cause.

"It's sad, because there is a lot of people out there.

"I'd like to thank anyone who has donated so far."

His mum, Sian Yarny, said: "I'm really proud of him. I encourage my kids to do things like this as it boosts their confidence, and I think it is a kind thing to do."

Cllr Malson said: "He's a very young, caring person. When he turned up that day I was taken aback by how passionate he was about helping people, even at such a young age.

"He's a prime example of how our youngsters today who are recognising there are people out there who are less fortunate and need help."

If you would like to donate, search 'Owen's homeless collection' on Facebook, or drop off donations at Greenmeadow and St Dials Community Hall.