NEWPORT has been labelled “the fifth unhealthiest place in the UK” after a report found it has one of the highest numbers of fast food venues per person.

Figures revealed by bean bag retailer Great Bean Bags show there are 6,783 people per fast food takeaway and restaurant in the Newport postcode area.

Greggs tops the list for the highest number of outlets, with 31, followed by McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza, with 14 and 12 respectively.

KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut make up the final three with eight, four and three branches.

East Central London is the worst offender – with 2,075 people per fast-food eatery. Galashiels in Scotland, West Central London and Glasgow rank second, third and fourth.


The closest Welsh location is Cardiff, which places 10th, with having 129 restaurants - or one per 7,793 people.

Patrick Tonks, creative director at Great Bean Bags, said: “It’s crazy to see just how many of these leading high street eateries there are across the country.

“Whilst this research is a bit of fun, it still shows a massive demand for quick food.”

Nutritional therapist Claudia le Feuvre said: “The McDonald’s burger bun is classified as confectionary as it has such high sugar content.

“Fast food are often formulated to achieve the ‘bliss point’.

“This is the optimal blend of salt, sugar and fat which triggers the brain to produce feel-good endorphins and dopamine, a neurotransmitter that will keep us coming back for more.”

The top ten unhealthiest places, according to Great Bean Bags:

  1. East Central London
  2. Galashiels
  3. West Central London
  4. Glasgow
  5. Newport
  6. Sunderland
  7. Leeds
  8. Edinburgh
  9. Newcastle
  10. Cardiff