A FORMER Caerphilly council chief executive sacked following a pay row which lasted six years and cost taxpayers more than £4 million has had pay claims against the authority dismissed.

Anthony O’Sullivan was dismissed with immediate effect earlier this month after a six-year long row over pay rises given to senior council officers.

Claims totalling £319,000 were originally lodged by Mr O’Sullivan, although he later withdrew the biggest, for payment in lieu of leave since 2013, totalling nearly £160,000.


However, his demands were thrown out at a special council meeting on Monday.

The claims included returning officer fees totalling around £79,000 and legal costs of £41,000.

Other claims dismissed included reinstatement of salary from May, 2017, for £22,000 and a £15,000 pay award for a chief executive.

A source said the decisions not to pay were “virtually unanimous” and that there was “not a great deal of sympathy.”

“I don’t think he will be buying many Christmas presents this year,” one member said as they left the meeting, wh held in private.

Mr O’Sullivan was suspended in March 2013 amid claims relating to pay rises given to two senior officers and himself.

While Mr O’Sullivan had remained on special paid leave, his deputy Nigel Barnett, and head of legal services Daniel Perkins, agreed to pay-outs worth nearly £300,000 between them after criminal charges relating to the matter were dropped in 2015.

Councillors voted to support a report – put together after a lengthy investigation – recommending Mr O’Sullivan’s dismissal earlier this month.

The former chief executive has said he intends to appeal the decision at an employment tribunal.

Caerphilly council said earlier this month that “serious allegations of gross misconduct have been proven” and that “the right decision has been made.”

“We will vigorously defend the decision of council and we remain confident in our position on this matter,” the council said.