THE achievements of small businesses, universities and academic researchers who have undertaken research and technology projects aligned with Airbus’ business needs are to be celebrated at an event at the Airbus site in Newport.

The projects are funded through Airbus Endeavr Wales, with the ongoing support of the Welsh Government and Airbus and the research expertise of Cardiff University. Currently, research areas of particular interest include digital services, secure connectivity and artificial intelligence.

The Welsh Government's deputy minister for economy and transport Lee Waters said: “With Endeavr support, Cardiff University is undertaking early stage exploration into the feasibility of using ammonia as a source of fuel.


"If successful, this would have a massive impact on reducing carbon emissions and be a world first opportunity for Wales.

"Decarbonisation is a cornerstone of the Welsh Government’s Economic Action Plan and is key to our commitment to tackle climate change through reducing emissions by 80 per cent in 2050.

“The Welsh Government is incredibly proud to be supporting Airbus and Cardiff University in their work with other universities and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) across Wales – delivering world-class research projects that address global challenges faced by industry.

"In a fast-changing world of automation, cyber threats, artificial intelligence and space exploration, we need to not only keep pace with technology but to think beyond to future technologies yet to be unlocked – Endeavr provides a sound platform for that.”

To date, more than £20 million has been invested in more than 70 projects and a further £14 million is committed to the programme over the next three to five years. This includes the £8 million commitment, made earlier this year, to research projects focused on cyber security and industrial control systems. It is estimated these investments have already leveraged more than £100 million into the Welsh economy.

Katherine Bennett, senior vice president of Airbus, said: “I am delighted to be able to celebrate the work of Endeavr with colleagues from across business and academia today. Without our industry-leading partnership with the Welsh Government, this outstanding co-operation would not have been possible.

“Airbus Endeavr Wales is a sign of how seriously we take our responsibility to incubate, scale up and adopt Welsh technologies for the benefit of Wales and the wider industry.

“In this, our 50th year, our commitment at Airbus to innovation, design and manufacturing remains as strong as ever.”

Professor Colin Riordan, president and vice-chancellor of Cardiff University, said: “Airbus Endeavr Wales has given Cardiff University the opportunity to work closely with SMEs and other universities on the many challenges faced by industry - ensuring that academic research is swiftly translated into practical solutions that can be adopted by the Airbus supply chain and implemented across the industry.


“Endeavr is not just about funding. Through this initiative, our community of researchers interact with the Airbus research and technology teams in the UK and in France, Germany and Spain. We get to understand the technology roadmaps and technological challenges and are better placed to respond to market requirements.”

Endeavr is working with Airbus, SMEs and academics to shape the development of a further 14 projects, including new research with Cardiff University’s Morgan Botti Lightning Lab. Following the event, attendees will be encouraged to come forward with more ideas and project proposals to help meet future needs.

John Davies, managing director of Pervade Software, head of the Cyber Wales eco system and SME representative for Airbus Endeavr Wales, said: “With the support of government, Endeavr brings together industry, business and academics, inspiring innovation and driving forward technological change.”