A CRICKET club in Blackwood is attempting to replicate the stunning poppy-waterfall affect which captured the public’s imagination last year - with a twist.

Emma Chalk, who plays for Blackwood Town Ladies, said the club wanted to mimic the display - which was on show at the Tower of London, the Senedd and elsewhere across the UK - but by using old plastic bottles.

“I just posed it on Facebook, asking for bottles, and it just went viral,” she said.

The undulating bottoms of plastic bottles mean they naturally look like poppies when cut off from the body and flipped upside down.

They are then painted red.


“We have spent the last five Sundays just painting,” Mrs Chalk added.

The club has also printed off over 200 labels, each with a name of a fallen Blackwood solider inscribed, which will be attached to individual poppies.

And on Sunday, a large net “will be draped over the cricket club’s second-floor balcony with all the poppies attached”, she said.

“Hopefully it will create the waterfall effect like the Tower of London.”

A local bugler will play the Last Post after the netting has been released, with the Remembrance ceremony set to start at 2.30pm.