ABERCARN musician Skip Curtis will be releasing his new single later this month.

Satellite is his third single and will be released on November 22.

Mr Curtis said: "When I first started playing guitar at 14, I wanted to be in bands like Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182 and Anberlin. Palm-muted guitar was such a big feature of their music that it was inevitable that I was going to end up using it in my song-writing at some point. It’s a noble art!

"I’ve been both sides of the scenario that I write about in Satellite. I’ve felt the frustration of wanting answers, or just wanting to help someone who doesn’t want to talk. But I’ve also been the other side and shut myself away. Whatever the issue, talking about it generally seems to help. Whether it’s in moving forward, moving apart or just helping to cope."

The track is taken from his debut album Culture Violet, which is set for release next year.

Despite this being only his third single, Mr Curtis is not a novice in the music industry. He was part of widely successful band XY&O in 2015 who became a household name in America after being thought to be from Cardiff-by-the-sea in California, with Mr Curtis being thought to have been from the San Fernando Valley and not the South Wales Valleys.


Their 10th gig was at Glastonbury in 2016. The band were set to move to America, but this was something he was not comfortable with, so after two whirlwind years, he stepped away and in 2017 began to focus on some solo stuff.

"It stopped being about songs for other people and became songs for me," he said. "As a solo artist, my music is 100 per cent mine, not producing or co-writing someone else’s songs, not a collaboration of pretences but genuine, integral songs that come from me and my life experiences.

"My songs about my life and the people who have influenced it, sometimes in a big way, sometimes small. At 14 I found my passion. Since then writing songs, creating and playing music is what I’ve always done and only ever really wanted to do. It became, and still is, my satisfaction."