A RENOWNED hypnotherapist from Risca, who died while on holiday in Menorca, has been remembered as "a family man and a gentleman".

Lyn Bateman, 69, of Risca, died on Saturday, October 5 while on holiday with wife Patricia.

Mrs Bateman remembered her husband as a family man, who doted on his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“He would do anything for his family, and he would always greet us with the same enthusiasm every day," she said. "He was a family man and a gentleman.


“He was generous to a fault.”

Although Dr Bateman became well known as a hypnotherapist, he started his working life as a lorry driver and in security. But it was during a night out seeing seeing hypnotist David Canova at a club show that he was struck by inspiration.

In 1981 he began training at the Bluestone Clinic in Harley Street, London, as well as studying at Cardiff University and later earning a doctorate in hypnosis and a PHD in alternative medicine, Dr Bateman

“People in the family thought he was nuts when he started doing hypnotherapy," said Mrs Bateman. "No-one around here had done it and thought it was strange.

“He was determined to prove them wrong, and he did. He began working in Queens Chambers and then from home when we lived in Fernlea and after moving to Risca.”

Health issues never stopped Dr Bateman - even a heart attack failed to put the brakes on his dedication, and he was back at work as soon as he was out of hospital.

Mrs Bateman said: “He was always busy.

"He would have his first client at 11am and work straight through until his last client at 8pm. He wouldn’t take a break for dinner or tea.

“He would see everyone who wanted to see him. If you didn’t have an appointment, he would still see you even if you missed your appointment, he would still see you. He loved helping people.

“He helped a lot of local people and some local ‘celebrities’. I didn’t know who any were unless I took the phone call because he really valued privacy.”

Dr Bateman turned his skills to a variety of uses - as well as helping people with illnesses and conditions - even travelling to Broadmoor Hospital to learn more about severe mental illnesses - he also became one of the UK's leading cabaret hypnotists.


Later in life he began passing on his knowledge by tutoring students, many of whom went on to have successful careers of their own.

Dr Bateman was the founder of the British College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis and was at one time vice-chairman and chairman of the British Association of Therapeutical World Federation of Hypnotherapists. While chairman, he received the honour of ‘Fellow of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists’. He was also a member of the highly respected Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists.

He was also known for always being immaculately dressed - and was known by many as "the man with the shiniest shoes in Risca". He would also grow and show vegetables, creating football-sized onions which he would donate to nearby old people’s homes. The biggest weighed six pounds.

His funeral was held last week.