NEWPORT is on track to have the best recycling rate of any city in the UK this year, it has been claimed.

The council is crediting the roll-out of smaller bins for a ‘staggering’ rise in recycling performance, which has seen the city’s rate leap to 69 per cent for the first two quarters of this financial year.

In the first quarter, the city’s recycling rate stood at 69.6 per cent - up from 56 per cent in the same period last year.


And figures for the second quarter show the rate at 69.7 per cent, up from 58.6 per cent from last year.

But while the improved performance has been welcomed, concerns remain over rubbish bins being overfilled and the amount of litter on some streets.

At a performance scrutiny meeting on Monday, Paul Jones, head of city services, called the rise in recycling performance ‘staggering.’

“If we maintain that performance, or close to it, we will almost certainly be the best performing city in the UK,” Mr Jones said.

Cllr John Richards appeared shocked by the fact, having to check that he had heard correctly.

Councils are required to meet a Welsh Government target of 64 per cent this year to avoid the possibility of paying fines.

The improved recycling rate has been welcomed across the political spectrum, but concerns remain over litter on streets and fly-tipping.

Allt-yr-yn ward councillor Matthew Evans, leader of the council’s Conservative group and Parliamentary candidate for Newport West, said it is now time the council “step up their action” on fly-tipping which he says is “far too commonplace.”

“While it is welcome, I still think we need to be far more active in tackling fly-tipping which is a scourge across the city,” he said.

Bettws ward councillor Kevin Whitehead, leader of the Newport Independents Party, said the switch to smaller bins was “a difficult transition at first.”

However he said residents have adapted well to the changes, though further work is needed to help residents in flats and multiple occupation homes.


“It was a change at first, but never underestimate the power of people adapting to change,” he said.

“My only fear now is with all the success, I think they might then push ahead for the dreaded monthly collection.”

Previously welcoming the figures for the first quarter, Roger Jeavons, cabinet member for city services, said: “We appreciate there was some resistance to the changes in the beginning but the latest recycling figure of 69.6 per cent show it was the right decision and everyone should be very proud that we are doing our bit to help the environment and reduce waste.”

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  • Cameron Edwards - Brexit Party
  • Ruth Jones - Labour
  • Ryan Jones - Lib Dem
  • Amelia Womack - Green