A NEWPORT social club which had been threatened with closure will remain open, it has been announced.

Baneswell Social Club on Havelock Street, off Stow Hill had been threatened with closure, but has now been taken over by new owners Harveys Leisure.

“Harvey’s Leisure will be taking over the club, but I will still be around helping and supporting them,” said former owner Nick Portman - who took over the social club in 2013. “I will always be at Baneswell Social Club and I’ll be there for as long as I can.

“Costs are a huge problem for pubs and clubs out there. People’s lives are different now – where they would once go out every week, they now only go out once a month.


“It’s not just for pubs and clubs either, you look at the city centre and it’s tough for all businesses.

“People just haven’t got that sort of money anymore.”

Mr Porter reassured patrons the change in ownership would not cause the social club to be closed. It had previously been earmarked for closure on Monday, November 25.

“It will be open throughout,” said Mr Porter. “On Monday the doors will open as usual.

“It’s great they have stepped in, and its especially great for the staff.

“We have always aimed to be a part of the community, and some of the comments we received after we announced we were closing were overwhelming.”

Mr Porter said the club may face a difficult month, having had to cancel all events and functions when they thought they would have to close, but he was still optimistic for the club’s future.

“We will be getting back out there with our friendly service and excellent atmosphere,” he said.