A MONMOUTHSHIRE woman is appealing for help to track down precious items which were stolen while she was in hospital.

Carol Boulton, of Magor, hopes someone in the area or further afield may be able to provide information to the whereabouts of items stolen from a caravan on her allotment in Black Wall near Magor.

Mrs Boulton, who has been in hospital at Nevill Hall in Abergavenny for eight weeks after complications resulting from knee surgery, said she had been storing things from when her now adult children were younger in plastic boxes in her caravan.

The items include Sunday school books, plastic cars and costumes - which hold little monetary value.

"It's no good to anyone else," Mrs Boulton said. "It's not valuable things, just to me. They mean so much to me.

"It's so upsetting."


"The only reason the things were in the caravan in the first place was that I didn't have room at the flat."

Mrs Boulton also lost a generator, but said she was more concerned for the items belonging to her children.

"My friend went down to check and told me 'It's all gone'. Maybe it's been dumped somewhere," she said.

"I've been in hospital for eight weeks so I can't go and check for myself.

"I feel like I can't do anything from here. I'll be here another couple of months most likely."

Mrs Boulton said she had not contacted the police as the items taken were of little monetary value. However, the theft of the generator may spur her to take further action in that regard she said.

Mrs Boulton's son, David Lucas, said: "It was things that she had kept from when we were kids, as well as some of my step-father's things.

"He passed away nearly 14 years ago and was a big part of our life

"As she put it, her memories have been taken.

"Im just hoping we can get at least some of it back.

"I do appreciate people taking the time time and taking this on but I feel it is very important for my mother that we try to at least get some of it back."

Mr Lucas has asked that anyone with information relating to the missing items to email him at dai1971@hotmail.co.uk