TWO burly brothers acted like "the Kray twins" by storming into a double glazing firm threatening to kill women workers.

Rhys Cottrell, 28, and his brother Jordan, 24, were seen on CCTV barging into the building to scream foul threats to staff.

A hearing at Cardiff Crown Court was told the pair demanded to know where business owner Dean Cubitt was - believing he owed their father money in unpaid wages.

They screamed threatening abuse to two women at the firm.


The CCTV footage showed the 6ft-plus brothers screaming demands and threats for more than two minutes before they finally left the building.

Jordan Cottrell then returned and made more foul-mouthed threats

But the brothers were spared jail after they pleaded guilty to causing an affray over the incident at the Window Doctor offices in Cwmbran, South Wales.

They were given four month suspended sentences and ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work by Judge Michael Fitton.

Business owner Mr Cubitt, 53, said the brothers had got off with "a slap on the wrist" after the "horrifying" ordeal for workers Hayley Jones and Nicola Thurston.

Mr Cubitt said the brothers arrived at the office two hours after he had sacked their father for moonlighting and refused to pay him a bonus.

He said: "They were shouting and screaming threats and as Nicola was trying to call the police they snatched the phone out of her hand and hung it up.

"The way they came in they think they are the Kray twins."

Mr Cubitt said he was "lucky" not to have been in the office as it was quite clear to him that had he been, he would have been beaten up.

"It was horrific, absolutely horrific, for the two ladies. They dealt with it fantastically well," he added.

"When they left Nicky called the police and the operator on the phone heard Jordan come back into the office and threaten her."

Of the sentences, Mr Cubitt said: "We couldn't believe how lenient it was. We didn't go to court but I don't think they could have seen the CCTV.

"The sentence they've got is nothing. It's like a slap on the wrist."