AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a woman driving a mobility scooter allegedly drove into a group of dance students outside a Newport venue, leaving two girls injured.

The alleged incident happened outside the Neon in Clarence Place at around 11am on Sunday, November 24, when the group were preparing to go on stage for the UGO Welsh Open Dance Championships.

Susan James, 54, mother of one of the injured girls, said her 12-year-old daughter is unable to walk well enough to attend school, and may also have to be ruled out of future dance competitions.


“My daughter came back into the dance studio buckled up in pain,” Ms James said. “She said a lady had driven straight through the group and had hit her and her friend. But by the time I got outside there was no sign of a lady on a scooter.

“There was no way my daughter was able to dance. We had to take her straight to A&E.”

The swelling on her daughter’s foot was so bad that X-rays couldn’t determine whether it was broken.

Ms James added: “It’s so frustrating because she had a competition in Sardinia next week, and further competitions coming up abroad soon, but she can’t even put her foot to the ground.”

Gwent Police have confirmed they are investigating, saying: “We received a report that a woman on a mobility scooter had allegedly run over a girl’s foot, which is reported to have taken place at around 11am on Sunday, November 24, on Clarence Place.

“If anyone has information regarding this incident, please call 101 quoting log 196 24/11/19, or you can send a direct message to our Gwent Police Facebook or Twitter social media pages.”

A spokesman from the Neon said staff are fully co-operating in trying to find how the students’ injuries came about.