A WELSH Government commission is asking the public for their views to shape long-term infrastructure improvements in Wales.

The National Infrastructure Commission for Wales (NICW) was set up last year to make recommendations to ministers on the nation's environmental and economic infrastructure over the next five to 30 years.

This week, NICW has published its first annual report, outlining 10 key issues it will focus on next year.

Ahead of the report's launch, NICW's interim chairman John Lloyd Jones said: “This report sets out our early thinking and identifies priorities for further investigation.

"But we must stress that this is still early in the process and we will not rush to make recommendations to the Welsh ministers until we have found compelling evidence for infrastructure solutions."

The 10 key issues are:

  • Will the UK Government’s focus on extending more expensive fibre to the home, gigabit technology to every household in the UK will best serve the interests of Welsh citizens who still lack access to superfast broadband?
  • What should be the Welsh Government's objectives for 5G mobile network coverage?
  • How can Wales improve the relationship between Wales’ energy grid and the future growth of renewable energy?
  • What proportion of Wales’ electricity needs could be met by marine sources by 2030? Should the potential economic benefits, in terms of jobs and investment, be offset against potentially higher costs for consumers?
  • How might local ownership schemes impact the development of renewable energy infrastructure in Wales, either positively or negatively?
  • How can capacity be increased, and congestion reduced, on strategic transport corridors between England and eastern Wales? How can Wales maximise its connectivity to the rest of the world?
  • How could existing transport links between North and South Wales be improved?
  • How can the transition to zero-emissions road transport be enabled, particularly in rural areas?
  • How can transport in rural Wales be improved?
  • How can public policy reduce the need for people to travel?

Members of the public are invited to submit evidence to help NICW's research into these issues.

To read the report and the 10 key issues in full, and to find out how to respond to the call for evidence, visit the NICW website at www.gov.wales/national-infrastructure-commission-wales

Evidence should be submitted before Friday, March 27.