PEPI is looking for a five-star home!

This little bundle of fluffiness is just 18 months old, and he has lived harmoniously with two other dogs and a 10-year-old child. He’s a very easy-going little fella.

The staff and volunteers at the centre had a bit of fun trying to guess Pepi’s parentage - apparently he is a Pom Keeshond mix.


Here’s your fun fact for the day - the Keeshond (pronounced KAYZ-hawnd) is a medium-sized dog with an impressive grey, black, and cream coat and a massive, plumed tail.

The breed was known for years as the 'Dutch Barge Dog' because of its role as companion on barges and small boats on Holland’s many canals and rivers.

Pepi’s rather luxurious coat won’t look after itself, and the cost of a regular visit to the groomer can be a shock if you have never had to factor in this cost, so the staff have requested that a first class grooming reference for a dog you currently own, or have previously owned.

If you think you fit the bill for Pepi please contact the staff on 01633 290902, or pop in.

No appointment needed, but you will need to provide grooming and vet references before you can complete an application form for Pepi.

If you are looking for a young medium/small breed dog but would rather one with a low-maintenance coat pop in anyway.

Pepi has lots of kennel buddies in Newport City Dogs Home looking for a loving forever family.