AWARD-winning Scottish comedian Gary Meikle will be bringing his hilarious stand-up show to Cardiff next year.

He will be performing at Portland House, Cardiff on Friday, November 13.

Mr Meikle said of the Surreal tour: “2019 has been such a surreal year for me since the videos took off, and I’m excited to get back to stand up with this new 2020 tour and to tell audiences about how I've been dealing with all the madness – from women sending me countless pictures of their foreheads thinking I’m some sort of eyebrow connoisseur, to being stopped in the streets by people shouting ‘Hey, you’re that dick pic guy, right?’… which isn’t something I want being broadcast in public to be honest!”


His surreal 2019 saw him start the year playing comedy clubs and end it by selling out theatres worldwide. His video about his daughter's eyebrows went viral, delighting people all across the world.

He has been described as being 'playfully dark' and doesn't mince his words and will get you laughing at things you probably shouldn't find funny. He draws inspiration from his own experiences including his unique family dynamic.

Over the past year, he has performed to tens of thousands of people and has gained an increased confidence. He will be covering topics including evolution, social media, how to deal with burglars, single mums, bee sex, small man syndrome and more.