A BUSKER from Newport who turned his life around through rap music has called for tougher rules on permitting young people into rap concerts, saying some artists’ lyrics “corrupt” minds.

“How is it possible all over the UK for people aged below 16 to go to these events where people are swearing, talking about sex, talking about really explicit content?,” asked David Taylor, from Bettws.

“I am not saying this is the main reason for crime, but it is just one part of it.”


He said the recent gang fight in a Birmingham cinema following the release of the film Blue Story had caused him to reflect on the issue.

Blue Story follows the lives of best friends Timmy and Marco as they are caught up in a world of post code gang wars.

"That film show that the things young people watch or listen to have an affect," said Mr Taylor. “It should be like cinemas - would an under-18 be allowed to see a film and watch a gangster film that swears, shows violence and abuse?”

Most rap concerts enforce a policy where under-14s must be accompanied by an adult – but there is no standard requirement and age requirements can vary.

The rapper, who can often be found busking in Newport town centre, has held shows and made music with young people – with the lyrics stripped of any explicit content.

And he says he “knows loads of kids” who have attended concerts without their parents and were under 14.

He said: “Where is the law? Why is the law failing these people?”

He said the parents who attended his recent family-orientated rap show were “shocked” to discover the difference between the music produced by their children alongside Mr Taylor and the music they listen to from other rappers.

“The show was amazing and I am hoping it can stamp out this explicit content,” he said.

“Rappers shouldn’t be rapping about murder, crime, sex around children.”

Another event is being held in the new year – True Love Events presents Misfit Media and the Next Generation – with auditions for being held on Saturday, December 28, for anyone under 18.