A MOTORCYCLIST who often visits a popular tourist attraction in Rogerstone was upset to find he could no longer park there.

Stephen Webb, 62, who lives in Henllys in Cwmbran, meets up with around eight friends - who also ride motorbikes - for tea and coffee at Fourteen Locks Canal Centre, before heading out for a ride.

However, he was shocked to find on a recent visit, a parking notice stating that those with motorcycles were not allowed to use the car park - ultimately meaning they had to leave.

“This is a disgrace,” said Mr Webb.

“Most other councils provide free parking for motorcycles, usually by hatching an area in the corner of the car park solely for motorcycles.

“I have on the rare occasion used car parks where motorcycles have to pay, but never one where motorcycles are not allowed to park.

“Newport City Council seem to be going out of their way to prevent people enjoying local facilities”.

South Wales Argus:

(Fourteen Locks by South Wales Argus Camera Club member Stephen Pocock)

A Newport City Council spokesperson said: “The traffic order covering Newport City Council’s parks including Fourteen Locks, allows for parking of cars paying and displaying.

“At present there is no facility for motorbikes to pay and display, for example by paying through an app, and therefore as they cannot pay, motorbikes are not allowed.

“The council is looking into how this could be dealt with through technology or introducing marked bays, however until then motorbikes cannot be parked inside the car park, only on the highway”.