WITH the General Election less than a week away, each of the candidates running in Monmouth have explained why they think you should vote for them.

Ian Roy Chandler, Green Party

Last month, many of my neighbours in Skenfrith had to be rescued from their homes when record-breaking floods swept through the village. Their furniture and possessions ruined, many have had to move away for several months while their houses are made habitable again.

This has torn apart the community and separated children from their friends.

Climate change is with us, and we will be seeing more of this devastation across the UK and the world in the years to come.

This is a Climate Election.

Opinion polls agree that the next government must take urgent action to stop climate breakdown and reverse the destruction of our natural world.

We haven’t got another five years to wait and that is why your vote is crucial.

All parties have finally joined the Greens to recognise that we need to tackle the climate emergency.

But their public pledges are undermined by concessions to big business and trade unions, such as supporting new coal mines and airport expansion. Only the Green Party has the ambition needed and can be trusted to deliver it without compromise or delay.

We will rapidly expand the renewable solar, wind and tidal energy that Wales is so blessed with, providing thousands of green jobs.

We will insulate one million homes each year and restore natural spaces, planting 700 million trees.

We will create a fair and sustainable Britain that our children will be proud of.

By voting Green, you can help make this happen.

David Thomas Charles Davies, Conservative

This election is happening because MPs promised in their manifestos to deliver Brexit then failed to support it in Parliament.

Boris Johnson has secured a deal from the EU which means we can leave with no tariffs or disruption.

But we want to do much more than deliver Brexit.

The economy has been growing for the last nine years and debt has been brought under control.

The time has come to spend some of that growth on schools, police officers and most importantly on the NHS.

At every election since 1987 Labour have suggested that we want to sell off or dismantle the NHS.

It is a lie, we will never do so.

Instead we want to support it with billions of pounds of extra spending.

We must also put a priority on safety and security.

Violent criminals should spend longer in prison and immigration will be controlled with a points style system.

Labour’s plans to end immigration controls will increase the housing shortage, and put further strain on the NHS.

Last but not least we share concerns about the environment and want Britain to become carbon neutral by 2050 and we will bring in stricter regulations to stop plastic being dumped into the ocean.

This election will be a choice between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

Mr Corbyn has no clear policy on Brexit and his economy policies are unaffordable.

Boris will deliver Brexit, spend more on public services, support the NHS, control immigration and protect the environment.

Martyn Ford, Independent

Political parties have failed.

In the last General Election, all promised to implement Brexit.

None could do so, because this rigid system was not up to the job. The established parties have become incoherent, unwieldy, and remote from the public.

An independent MP is much more likely to act in the interests of the electorate, rather than serve the interests of a political party, which for most politicians takes up so much of their time. With their platitudes and slogans, empty promises and deceit, it is no wonder that the public have had enough.

Being an independent means that I can have a clear political philosophy and advocate policies in which I believe without having to answer to party bosses.

I believe strongly in a genuine free market economy in which competition can maintain high standards. The production and distribution of food, for example, is entirely outside state ownership in this country, and produces an abundance and variety that we take for granted.There could be much more choice and higher standards in education if we had more independent schools and fewer run by the state. Where competition is not possible, however , such as the railways, then there is a clear case for public ownership.

There are cultural and social trends taking place which should cause us all concern. Free speech – indeed the whole moral basis of our society - is being dangerously undermined by political correctness, to which all main political parties are contributing. Let’s stop it together.

Hugh Michael Andrew Kocan, Plaid Cymru

I am standing in this election because Wales has been let down by the Westminster establishment.

The United Kingdom is the fifth richest country, yet Wales is one of the poorest regions of Europe.

The Conservatives push for an ideologically driven hard Brexit, while Labour fails to push for Wales’ fair share of funding.

We are ruled by two parties who have little consideration for local concerns.

To use my home town, Abergavenny, as an example, we have an incredibly expensive train station, with little parking.

This makes it difficult to encourage people to get out their cars.

We risk losing our A&E department, and have already lost our police station. All during a time where our local population is increasing.

We are being squeezed by both major parties. We need an MP who can speak up for our local communities.

If elected, I will demand that Wales is given the funding needed to start a green jobs revolution, and to create an integrated transport system.

I will work to keep our streets safe through extra police funding.

I will also ensure we are able to begin fully funding social care.

Furthermore, I will also work to secure a second referendum, so that the people of Wales are given a final say on Brexit.

A vote for me at this election is a vote for giving our communities a greater voice in Parliament.

I promise to speak up for Monmouth and stand up for Wales.

Yvonne Clare Murphy, Labour

Our country needs to be brought back together after years of austerity, disharmony and discord.

There are currently record levels of child poverty; homelessness has doubled; food banks have become the norm, in one of the richest countries in the world.

We must do more for future generations and the world we want for them, so my top five priorities are:

Climate change and the environment

Ending poverty in my constituency and Britain

Ending austerity, investing in public services

Job security and creation, fair pay and working conditions

Tourism and sustainable development

The European Union is one of the biggest projects of redistribution, peace and solidarity in history, forged from the horrors of World War Two.

The Brexit chaos is the creation of the Tories, inflicted on us to deal with their internal party problems.

Now we have had three years of wasted money, time and energy.

The EU and European countries are not our enemies. They are our friends and allies.

The Labour Party is the only party committed to giving the people a real informed choice: a vote on leaving with the best deal that can be negotiated or remaining in the EU.

Once Labour is elected we will negotiate a deal that safeguards jobs, trade and peace in Northern Ireland.

Jeremy Corbyn can be trusted to deliver the outcome of a final People’s Vote.

Only Labour will let the people decide whether a better leave deal or what we already have as members of the EU is best for Britain.

Alison Leyland Willott, Liberal Democrat

Brexit: The best future for our children is staying in Europe. Welsh industry and farming will be really hard-hit if we Leave. I’ll back a People’s Vote on any deal (Lib Dems put this to Parliament 17 times, but weren’t supported by Labour).

Climate change: The biggest threat. We’ll overhaul government, putting climate change at its heart. We’ll ban fracking, restore solar power subsidies, invest in wind, tide, heat pumps and carbon capture. All new houses to be zero-carbon; all old housing stock will be insulated by 2030. We’ll electrify rail and invest in cycling, walking and especially buses. We’ll plant 600 million trees, to mop up carbon and tackle flooding.

Poverty: Food banks show its shocking extent. We’ll reform Universal Credit, reducing the wait for the first payment from five weeks to five days. We’ll remove the two-child limit. We’ll increase the amount you can earn before losing benefit. We’ll remove sanctions. We’ll bring in a Living Wage. We’ll establish an employment status for gig economy workers. We’ll build 100,000 social-rent houses each year (all zero-carbon). We’ll provide free childcare.

Health: We’ll put a penny on income tax and use it for social care and mental health which have been starved of resources.

Our high streets: Empty shops are everywhere. We’ll replace business rates and tackle tax avoidance by multinationals.

Background: I was a senior civil servant. I’ve lived in Wales for 25 years, and been a CAB Debt Adviser, magistrate and caseworker. I’m utterly committed to serving my community.