This week we asked you where your favourite place to go to get your beard trimmed or shaved was. You didn’t disappoint us and there was a clear, overall winner.

Here we list five of the best places to get your beard trimmed or shaved in Gwent – as chosen by you.

Lamberts Barbershop – Newport

South Wales Argus:

Lambert’s was the runaway winner and what seemed to be your favourite place to go. Not only is it the favourite place for people of Newport – but also further afield.

Christopher Lee said: “The ONLY place I go now. Was introduced by a whole bunch of bearded legends and they were bang on the money.

"Atmosphere - Epic.

"Cut Quality - Epic.

"Friendliness - Epic.

"I am actually going down there this morning for a beard trim in preparation for the work' Christmas bash. I live in Bridgend. I work in RCT... I go all the way to Newport for a beard trim. What does that tell you?”

Rich Mann explains of the friendliness and dedication of the staff: “Lamberts Barbershop, there is no one else I would even consider going to, the guy is pure class. If there’s a queue I'm going to sit there and wait. Not only is Criss an amazing barber but he a genuine gentleman, who has time for each and every customer, he stays late quite often to make sure everyone gets the cut, trim or style they want. He has even been known to open up to help people out on his days or week off. We need more people like this in the world. Criss loves what he does, and we appreciate him a lot.”

On the care and advice offered, Nathan Edwards added: “Lamberts barber shop. Newly going here, but wish I found this a few years back. My reason for voting is that he is well mannered and explains what is best for your hair or beard. The detail and perfection to his cuts are outstanding. Every detail matters to him for you to walk out of the shop feeling pampered. I would advise you to grow a beard so you can get a warm towel on your face.”

Dekan Barbers - Pontypool

South Wales Argus:

Dekan Barbers is a popular place for people living in Pontypool. They do close and hot towel shaves and are also a popular choice for haircuts.


Beattie’s Barbers & Co – Brynmawr

South Wales Argus:

Open Tuesday-Saturday, Beattie’s Barbers is a popular place for the people of Blaenau Gwent.

They have been around for 10 years and pride themselves on their attention to detail and modern style.

James Beattie, directing barber does photoshoots, demonstrations and competition work across the UK and the shop has won awards over the years for men’s hairdressing. He also managed one of the first barbering artistic teams and founded the Barbers of Modern Britain Squad.

‘Perfect Day Bridal Shop’ said that Beattie’s was the best because they are so friendly.

Calum Troy Barbers – Newport

South Wales Argus:

Calum Troy Barbers is located in Livingstone Place and charges £10 for a beard trim and is one of the popular places to go in Newport.

Paul Francis said: “Calum Troy Barbers, best place for a trim in Newport.”

Farino’s Barbers – Newbridge

South Wales Argus:

Located in Newbridge, Farino’s Barbers is one of the top locations to go in the valleys according to our readers. It is one that has a dedicated client base and is popular for the staff’s friendly attitudes.

Robert Way said: “Andrew Farinos Barbers. Good music and good banter!”